Tips for Finding Discount Auto Insurance

The search for discount auto insurance is a common chore, especially in today’s economic climate. If you feel you can find cheaper car insurance than what you are paying now, you are most likely correct. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to cut costs on your auto insurance premiums.

Discount Auto Insurance Comes With a Good Driving Record

Step one is to take care of you driving record. Avoiding those speeding tickets is essential. If you have had a few minor moving violations in the past, you can help reduce their effect by taking a driver’s safety or defensive driving course. Keep in mind, the more time you go without a moving violation, the closer you get to a clean driving record. Most car insurance companies go back 3 to 5 years when checking your driving record. Items older than that will generally have no effect on your car insurance rates, unless the offense is serious such as a DUI.

Safety First Attitude Gets You Discount Auto Insurance

Safety is the key to reducing the risk you pose to car insurance companies and thus finding discount auto insurance. You must think of safety when shopping for your vehicle. Choose a vehicle with a high safety rating and that comes with safety features such as dual-side airbags, automatic seatbelts and anti-lock brakes. Also keep in mind that car insurance companies will look at the horsepower of the vehicle and compare that to the age, sex and driving history of the driver. A fast car in the hands of a young driver will mean higher rates, so look for vehicles that auto insurance companies consider less laden with risk.

Research to Find Discount Auto Insurance

You have already begun this process by reading this article, but the more you know about policies and insurance companies, the better your chances of finding the best deal on car insurance. Find out which type of policy is the best fit for your set of circumstances. This will help you save by preventing you from paying for coverage beyond your needs. It is also helpful to know which car insurance companies offer which policies, and which companies have a good reputation for customer and claims service. J.D. Power and Associates is a good resource for insurance company reviews and ratings.